Choosing the Right Charge Management System

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In the past charge management really meant charger monitoring and some energy management. In practice, many fleet operators are realizing that while monitoring and energy management is critical, what is more important are features that ensure that operational service is met, whether that is a transit bus fleet picking up passengers on time, or a logistics fleet delivering goods to customers. Other advanced features such as battery warranty management and escalation of issues have also overtake energy management as core requirements.

In this episode we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal charge management system for your electric vehicle fleet. We’ll discuss the importance of compatibility with industry-standard protocols like OCPP and OpenADR, which ensure seamless integration and communication between charging stations and your fleet’s management software.

We’ll also delve into the relationship between charge management systems and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. By examining factors that influence charging times and costs associated with electric bus and truck charging stations, we’ll help you make informed decisions that align with your fleet’s needs and budget.

Furthermore, we’ll touch on the role of dynamic load management in EV charging, which optimizes the charging process and reduces strain on the electrical grid. Understanding how load management impacts your choice of charge management system is essential for maintaining efficient fleet operations.

We also look at key issues of integration of charge management with your dispatch and planning software to ensure on-time delivery of services.  And finally we look at how charge management has a critical role to play in battery warranty management. 

In this episode, we discuss these risks with thought leaders:

  • Ian Foster – Group Engineering Director, Metroline and other major operators
  • Neil Gladstone – Sales Manager, Wright Bus
  • Sam Mackilligin – Energy Strategy & Growth Director, AECOM
  • Alan Westenskow – Director of Business Development, Proterra
  • Anna Martinis – Principal of Electric Fleets Programs, Office of Energy and Climate Change, NSW Treasury