Evaluating Electric Vehicle Battery Options

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Electric vehicles have emerged as a viable, and even critical option for fleets. The price of a battery can be up to 35% of a vehicle, and will usually go through a replacement cycle during the life of the vehicle. This has prompted many to consider whether smaller batteries (often coupled with faster charging) are an option for some or all of their fleets. 

This is particularly true in complex fleets such as transit and school buses, logistics, municipalities and utility companies. 

We’ll discuss the importance of considering vehicle range, charging times, and infrastructure requirements when making decisions about battery sizes for your electric fleet.

We’ll also delve into the relationship between battery size and charging infrastructure, highlighting the costs associated with electric bus and truck charging stations in relation to different battery sizes and the potential for en-route charging. 

By analyzing how charging times and infrastructure impact battery selection, we’ll help you make informed decisions that align with your fleet’s needs and budget.

In this episode, we discuss these risks with thought leaders:

  • Ian Foster – Group Engineering Director, Metroline and other major operators
  • Alix Butler – Zero Emission Transformation Manager,  Metroline
  • Jamie Wilson – Head of Concepts & Advanced Engineering, Alexander Dennis
  • Analy Castillo – Zero Emissions Technical Lead, Stantec
  • Alan Westenskow – Director of Business Development, Proterra