Grid Integration of Fleets with Electric Vehicles

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One of the most significant shifts for fleet operators looking to move to an electric or hydrogen fleet is the need to upgrade the electrical capacity of their facilities. Understanding the intricacies of grid integration for electric fleets is essential to ensure seamless operations and optimal performance.

Expert insights on important considerations such as the required information when interacting with electricity grid providers, how to determine the amount of power that you would need, and the challenges when interacting with your electricity network providers.

We discuss the importance of selecting the right electric vehicle fleet charging infrastructure and complying with standards such as OCPP. We look at the benefits of effective EV charge management software and the role of load management vehicle-to-grid technology. 

Throughout the video, we’ll feature insights from industry-leading companies such as ADL, Wrightbus, Proterra, Metroline, Foton, Stantec, and AECOM, who are at the forefront of electric and hydrogen vehicle development. 

The aim is to provide you with valuable information and best practices to successfully integrate your electric fleet into the grid while maximizing efficiency and minimizing operational risks.

In this episode, we discuss these risks with thought leaders:

  • Ian Foster – Group Engineering Director, Metroline and other major operators
  • Alix Butler – Zero Emission Transformation Manager,  Metroline
  • Analy Castillo – Zero Emissions Technical Lead, Stantec
  • Alan Westenskow – Director of Business Development, Proterra
  • Shamala Evans Gadgil – EV Infrastructure Programme Manager, Coventry City Council
  • Michael Kent – EV & Storage Manager, GridBeyond