Monitoring your Electric or Hydrogen Fleet

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We’ll explore the essential metrics to track, such as battery performance and actual vehicle range, charging and refueling infrastructure usage, emission reductions, and fleet-wide energy consumption. We’ll also discuss various tools and software solutions, such as EV fleet management software and EV charging station management software, to help you streamline the monitoring process and gain valuable insights.

Moreover, we’ll share best practices for leveraging these metrics and tools, enabling you to optimize your fleet operations, minimize downtime, and maximize overall performance. Our goal is to provide fleet operators with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively monitor and measure electric and hydrogen fleet performance, ensuring a successful and sustainable transition to cleaner transportation options.

In this episode, we discuss these risks with thought leaders:

  • Ian Foster – Group Engineering Director, Metroline and other major operators
  • Jamie Wilson – Head of Concepts & Advanced Engineering, Alexander Dennis
  • Neil Gladstone – Sales Manager, Wright Bus
  • Neil Wang – CEO, Foton Mobility
  • Shamala Evans Gadgil – EV Infrastructure Programme Manager, Coventry City Council