Planning for Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles

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In this video, we’ll explore the key steps and factors to consider when planning a transition to an electric or hydrogen fleet. We’ll discuss the importance of evaluating vehicle costs, range, charging and refueling infrastructure requirements, and how they impact your fleet’s overall operational efficiency and budget.

We’ll also examine the complexities of selecting the right charging and refueling solutions for your fleet, taking into account the costs and considerations associated with electric bus and truck charging stations, hydrogen refueling infrastructure, and compatibility with existing fleet management software.

Additionally, we’ll address the importance of understanding and adapting to evolving industry standards and protocols, such as OCPP and OpenADR, which can influence your fleet’s charging and management systems.

As you consider the transition to electric or hydrogen vehicles, we’ll highlight the role of various procurement models and the dynamics between fleet operators and software providers as well as, charging station and vehicle manufacturers. Establishing strong, collaborative relationships can help mitigate potential risks and ensure a successful transition.

In this episode, we discuss these risks with thought leaders:

  • Ian Foster – Group Engineering Director, Metroline and other major operators
  • Alix Butler – Zero Emission Transformation Manager,  Metroline
  • Jamie Wilson – Head of Concepts & Advanced Engineering, Alexander Dennis
  • Neil Gladstone – Sales Manager, Wright Bus
  • Analy Castillo – Zero Emissions Technical Lead, Stantec
  • Sam Mackilligin – Energy Strategy & Growth Director, AECOM
  • Anna Martinis – Principal of Electric Fleets Programs, Office of Energy and Climate Change, NSW Treasury
  • Michael Kent – EV & Storage Manager, GridBeyond