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Advanced route modelling across your whole network

Understand future depot requirements and layout with a mixed or fully zero emission yard

Model energy requirements across your depot and network

Manage your charging, battery warranties and dispatch in one system


Take all of your route and depot information and determine which routes can be completed with ZEBs

Manage your own scenarios and reduce consulting costs in real-time with our self-serve platform

Learn what on route or depot charging requirements you have at night and between shifts

Data to support disruption of business models beyond BAU

Compare layout of depot zones, cleaning bays and charging strategy for dispatchability

Dynamic point in time, and over time intel so as the variables change so can your plans

Determine what size battery or hydrogen tank you need for each service

Compare cost and operations profiles and scenarios for on route and depot charging

Put yourself in a position to bid accurately for supply contracts

Charge management for energy market price optimisation

Vendor agnostic OCPP compliant management platform for fault notification and reporting

Optimise dispatch with battery state of health

Our platform is open, standards driven and agnostic. We know that it is hard to get systems talking, so we have been working to pre-integrate with a growing number of vendors.

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