EVenergi Awarded Grant from the California Energy Commission

As part of the Clean Transportation Program from the CEC, EVenergi was awarded a grant called Responsive, Easy Charging Products with Dynamic Signals (REDWDS).

The REDWDS grant program is designed to accelerate the deployment of easy-to-use charging products to manage EV charging and respond to dynamic grid signals.

We are honored to have been awarded nearly $2 million for the first phase of the project, and are already working with multiple fantastic partners for the project. This funding can be used to cover the cost of BetterFleet charge management software and can also be used to lower the cost of charging systems & installation.

In Phase 2 of the REDWDS grant, we have conditional approval for a further $27M which would enable us to take the proof of concept and roll it out more widely.

If you are a California based fleet interested in taking advantage of a unique opportunity to fund charging infrastructure solutions for your fleet, get in touch with us today:


We look forward to helping shape the future of grid electrification with this support from the California Energy Commission. 

About EVenergi & BetterFleet

EVenergi streamlines the transition to zero emission vehicles with intelligent software solutions and expert advisory services that enable organisations to plan and manage fleets with a simplified, data-driven approach.

The BetterFleet platform from EVenergi offers robust energy modelling capabilities that help fleet operators make informed decisions about electrifying depots, optimizing charging schedules, and reducing the cost of transitioning to zero emissions.

EVenergi is a global leader in planning, procurement, implementation and operations software for zero-emissions fleets and infrastructure. Founded in 2016 in Australia and the UK, the company has expanded to serve over 200 complex fleets across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

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