The BetterFleet platform prioritizes service operations so your fleet can continue to run efficiently in the transition to zero-emission vehicles.
BetterFleet is not tied to any one brand of vehicles or chargers and is focused on finding the best solution for your application.

Monitor the performance of your ZEVs

See real-time status of your chargers and vehicles and receive alerts with diagnostics information to quickly resolve issues.

Take control of your chargers & energy consumption

Control chargers remotely and set smart charging schedules to ensure service needs are met while reducing energy costs.

Access data and insights on your EV fleet

Monitor the transition and create powerful insights to feed back into planning and management processes. Track operational costs, energy, emissions, vehicle and charger performance, battery health for warranty management, and more.

Manage Parking & Optimize for Dispatch
  • Integrate parking plans to ensure vehicles can be parked, serviced, charged, and ready to depart at the right time.
  • Help depot managers to select the right vehicle at the right time for dispatch using powerful algorithms to optimize vehicle utilization and battery performance.
  • Optimize dispatch with battery state of charge.

Our platform is open, standards driven, and pre-integrated with a growing number of vendors

Fleets globally use BetterFleet for the transition to zero-emission vehicles