Public transit stands at the forefront of heavy-duty vehicle electrification, with transit fleets rapidly adopting battery-electric and hydrogen vehicles to achieve emissions reduction goals.

However, fleets are faced with significant challenges on this electrification journey, from selecting the right technology to route planning, infrastructure installation, and more, all while keeping timely service and operational efficiency as the top priority.

An informed approach to transit bus fleet electrification requires complex data analysis and advanced planning strategies, which is a significant undertaking that fleet operators often do not have the resources or bandwidth in-house to tackle alone.

BetterFleet works with transit fleets around the world to simplify this transition with software solutions built for bus fleets, so you can reach emissions reduction goals without compromising on operational efficiency.

Key benefits for transit bus fleets
Reduce costs and risk
  • Optimize your fleet transition and lower costs with purpose-built features developed in collaboration with our transit customers.
Make informed procurement decisions
  • Vendor agnostic, data-driven analyses help you identify the best zero-emission vehicles and chargers for your fleet at the lowest total cost.
Take control of your fleet’s energy use
  • See the real-time status of your chargers and vehicles, control chargers remotely, and set smart charging schedules to reduce demand charges.
A Strategic Approach to Transitioning a Bus Fleet to Zero Emissions
See how this public transit bus fleet planned and managed their transition to zero emission vehicle fleets with the BetterFleet platform.
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Fleets globally use BetterFleet for the transition to zero emission vehicles