As logistics vehicle fleets offering last-mile and long-haul delivery pivot to zero-emission vehicle technologies, they face a set of distinct challenges.

High variability between routes complicates the process of fleet transition planning and impacts the vehicle and charging options that can meet the fleet’s operational needs without negatively impacting on-time delivery.

Logistics fleets also face the challenge of adjusting depot layouts and aligning charging schedules with dispatch, while keeping energy consumption and costs under control.

BetterFleet partners with logistics fleets through planning and procurement to fleet management, optimizing for cost-per-mile while minimizing emissions and operational risks.

Key benefits for logistics fleets

We help logistics fleets create a framework to enable:

  • Insights into which parts of the fleet are ready for transitioning to zero-emission technology
  • Understanding of how zero-emission fleets can integrate into dispatch planning
  • Evaluation of best charging infrastructure strategies in the depot and away from the depot
  • Analysis of optimized profiles for vehicle and battery usage
  • Tracking and planning for emerging new technology with the ability to re-run analysis against a consistent framework

Fleets globally use BetterFleet for the transition to zero-emission vehicles