BetterFleet is not tied to any one brand of vehicles or chargers and is focused on finding the best solution for the application.
A self-service portal allows users to create advanced fleet transition plans in a fraction of the time and cost.
Multi physics modeling and digital twinning technology simulates realistic outcomes with unparalleled accuracy.

See how EVs will perform on your routes

Route emulation allows you to understand how different electric and fuel cell vehicles would perform on your routes and optimize.

Identify the right vehicles & chargers for your fleet

Asset replacement forecasting abilities hone in on the best zero-emission vehicles and charging systems to procure for your fleet at the lowest total cost.

Visualize how EVs will charge in your depot

Depot emulation and optimization capabilities in the BetterFleet platform let you see how EVs will fit into your depot layout, taking charging considerations into account.


Rather than being static documents that only reflect the available data and technology at a given point in time, fleet transition plans should evolve over time as technology, public transport, and our operating environments evolve.

Schedules change, vehicle technology changes, electricity rates change, and transitions happen over time.

Continuous planning is essential for mitigating the risks and challenges associated with transitioning to an electric fleet, while making sure emissions reduction goals are met and your vehicles are available when needed for service.


Baseline your vehicle information and review insights about your fleet

Add your preferred replacements or use our database of current and upcoming vehicles

Keep track of garage locations, site capacity and demand and charging infrastructure

Create whole of fleet asset replacement forecasts and budgets


Upload data from multiple systems

Automated algorithms for data cleaning and validation

Manage vehicles from within the system

Set asset level defaults for faster onboarding

Fleet dynamics reports provides insights into operational, financial and environmental metrics

Our fully transparent self-serve system has been built to simplify the process so that internal staff can manage an end to end framework

Extensive database of future vehicles – all asset types (light and heavy) fuel types and brands

Define approved vehicle lists by adding your own details of potential procurements and supplier/dealer preferences

Run analysis of potential future vehicles to understand the best options from a financial, operational and environmental perspective

Maintain current night and day-time garaging locations by vehicle

Use data to understand duty cycles – arrival, departure and dwell times at each location

Understanding site capacities and demand enables tracking demand variations and calculation of upgrade costs

Create charging infrastructure deployment plans

Include existing charging infrastructure

Simulate potential energy costs using exact local energy tariff schemes

Establish baseline settings for energy costs, infrastructure costs, indices, grid emission intensities and vehicle default parameters

Run whole of fleet forecasts using our powerful and unique algorithm

Detailed planning and reporting on potential required budgets for transitioning under different scenarios and potential environmental impact of each scenario

Review pairwise comparison for each vehicle understanding cost, emission and duty cycle implications

Forecasts include infrastructure requirements and costs

Downloadable reports to put together a successful business case for transition

Fleets globally use BetterFleet for the transition to zero-emission vehicles